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What is Magic Whiteboard?

Magic Whiteboard allows you to create a whiteboard from a roll anywhere, in seconds. Write on Magic Whiteboard with dry whiteboard marker, wipe clean and ruse. Magic Whiteboard combines the best bits of flipchart paper with a traditional whiteboard it’s perfect for presentations, conferences, training events, team meetings and group work. Magic Whiteboard clings to any hard flat surface using static (to walls, windows, doors, painted walls, office partitions, brick walls and glass walls). Magic Whiteboard is portable and lightweight and you don't need a flipchart stand.

Magic Whiteboard is made from statically charged polypropylene film (it can be recycled).

Magic Whiteboard is the original and best whiteboard on roll. We guarantee to provide you with the best quality whiteboard on a roll. Click here to watch a 1 minute demonstration - how to use Magic Whiteboard.

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How does it stick and will it leave any marks?

Because Magic Whiteboard is a statically charged paper it will stick to most hard flat surfaces including walls, doors, glass and wallpaper without needing tape, bluetac or glue - so it never leaves any marks!

Can you stick paper to Magic Whiteboard?

Because Magic Whiteboard is statically charged, notes and paper can be stuck to it without the need for tape, bluetac or glue.

Is it erasable?

The plain white (no grid version) is completely erasable – any dry whiteboard marker ink will rub off even if left for days. Write on with any dry whiteboard marker, wipe clean and reuse. It is more erasable than a traditional whiteboard surface.

With the grid version ink will rub out with ease during group work sessions (up to 3 hours) but this version has been designed so that the ink becomes more permanent after this period. The reason for this is so that the content is not lost when the sheets are folded. Using a damp cloth or whiteboard eraser the ink can still be erased if left overnight. Each sheet can be reused.

What can you rub the ink out with?

You can use your fingers, a damp cloth or a whiteboard eraser.

How many times can it be reused?

The plain white version can be reused and erased like a normal whiteboard (write on with any dry whiteboard marker, wipe clean and reuse) and the grid version is less erasable than the plain white version.

The exact number of times will depend on how you use and clean Magic Whiteboard. If you clean it with a damp cloth or whiteboard remover after use it will last longer.

Can the sheets be folded up after use?

If you want to be able to fold up your sheets after use and retain your work you need to use the gridded version of Magic Whiteboard. The plain version is highly erasable and the ink is liable to rub off.

Do you need to use a special pen?

For best results we recommend you use dry whiteboard marker pens such as those available on this website. You can also use normal permanent marker pens but the ink will not rub out. Ordinary flipchart pens can be used but the ink will smear.

How many sheets are on a roll?

Each roll contains 25 perforated sheets of magic whiteboard paper, the roll is 20 metres

What size are the sheets?

Each A1 sheet measures 60cm wide and 80cm deep. They are the same size as flipchart paper. We also do an A0 Magic Whiteboard, 10 sheets are on a roll measuring 120cm by 90cm. A pack A4 Magic Whiteboard is also available.

How long will it stick to walls?

Magic Whiteboard will stick to any flat surface (walls, painted walls, wallpaper, windows and doors) for years if you don't take it down. We have have Magic Whiteboard on the office wall for over 2 years. The exact time depends how many times you take it down and reapply it.

Can it be used outside?

For best results use inside, it can be used outside but use in a draft free place. The sheets will not stick as well if air or a breeze gets behind them.

Is it recyclable?

Yes, Magic Whiteboard is fully recyclable, place in the plastics recycling container. It has been designed and produced using environmentally friendly methods.

Why is there a grid lined version?

Customers requested this feature so that they can see the outline of the Magic Whiteboard. This helps prevent you from drawing on walls by accident. The grid also makes it easier to write in straight lines. The reverse side is blank and you can also use this side to write on.

Please note that the gridded version is not as erasable as the plain version. It has been designed so that the ink becomes more permanent after 3 hours which allows the sheets to be folded without the contents being lost.

What is it made of?

Magic Whiteboard is made from statically charged polypropylene film.

How does the price compare to flipchart paper?

Magic Whiteboard is cheaper than good quality flipchart paper (typically, less than half the price). You can also reuse Magic Whiteboard and you don’t need to buy a flipchart stand.

How heavy is each roll?

Each roll weights just 0.87 Kilograms. It’s perfect for taking to clients and customers. Keep a roll in your car boot just in case there isn’t a flipchart available - it doesn’t crease like flipchart paper and is less bulky.

Who uses Magic Whiteboard?

Our customers include – 1700 schools in the UK and 50 Universities, serviced offices, business centres, hotels, training providers and trainers, conference centres, job centre plus, recruitment agencies, sport coaches for tactical analysis, football clubs, rugby clubs, IT consultants, NHS hospitals, councils, local authorities, schools (primary and secondary), childrens nurseries, colleges, sports centres, butchers, universities, government agents, the Treasury, management consultants, banks and offices, people preparing for job interviews. Magic Whiteboard is the original and best whiteboard on roll. We guarantee to provide you with the best quality whiteboard on a roll.

Is Magic Whiteboard patented?

Yes, Magic Whiteboard was patented in 2000, this will expire in 2020. Magic Whiteboard is the original and best whiteboard on roll. We guarantee to provide you with the best quality whiteboard on a roll.

Can Magic Whiteboard be used in dressing rooms as a coaching aid?

Yes, Magic Whiteboard is perfect for use for sports coaching in dressing rooms or outdoors where you may not have access to flipcharts and flipchart stands. Simply tear off a sheet and stick it on the dressing room wall. Sports teams are using it for tactical analysis and for communicating key information to sports teams. The England Rugby Sevens and TeamGB Badmington teams and The FA (Football Association) are using it for team tactics.

Can you use Magic Whiteboard when playing Pictionary and Cranium?

Yes, Magic Whiteboard is ideal for drawing on when playing board games like Pictionary, Cranium and Skribble. You can do your drawings on a large A1 sheet rather than a notepad. You can also erase and rub out your drawings. It's much more fun, simply tear off a sheet and place on a walls. When finished simply remove the sheet. No marks will be left of the walls. Magic Whiteboard will stick to any hard flat surface (walls, doors, painted walls, wallpaper).

Do you have a video clip that shows how to use Magic Whiteboard?

Yes, we have produced a 1 minute video clip that demonstrate how to use Magic Whiteboard. To see the video click here