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🗒️ Revision Stationery

🗒️ Revision Stationery

Browse 1000's of stationery essentials, revision essentials, exam essentials to help you revise and pass your exams.

Top 100 Things to take to uni  

Magic Whiteboard revision stationery will help you pass your exams 

Uni stationery essentials include our famous Magic Whiteboard 

Display your revision notes around your room to help you remember things. Paper also sticks to Magic Whiteboard. Leaves no marks on walls. Ideal for student accommodation & student houses. 

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Welcome to the Magic Whiteboard Student Room Stationery Range. Essential revision stationery for exams and mock exams. Whether revising for GCSE’s, A Levels or exams at uni Magic Whiteboard has a selection of stationery to help you pass your exams.
Magic Whiteboard clings to any flat surface using static and leave no marks. Cover your walls and windows with revision notes and this will improve your retension of revision notes.
Magic Whiteboard is available in A0, A1 A2 and A4 sizes. Ideal for bedrooms and uni rooms,
Uni stationery essentials include our sticky notes and note pads to help you revise and remember things.
Our reusable whiteboard notebooks will help you make notes that you may want to change.
The Magic Whiteboard student revision range is packed full of essential stationery for exams & university stationery. Our top 5 Exam and Revision essentails and revision checklist; Magic Whiteboard, Reusable sticky notes, Knock Knock sticky notes, Knock Knock to do pads and Magic Whiteboard markers.
What to to take to uni. Here is our university checklist & uni checklist. Essential university stationery & uni checklist for what to take to uni.
  • Pens and pencils
  • Magic Whiteboard and markers (whiteboard sheets clings to uni room walls are leave no marks). Leaves mesages for friends on your door.
  • Pegboard wall storage - keeps your uni room organised, neat and tidy.
  • Knock Knock note pads
  • A4 folders
  • Highlighters
  • Knock Knock sticky notes
  • Calendar/diary
  • Magnetic Whiteboard
  • Stapler
  • Sticky tape
  • Course readers and other study books
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