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♻️📓Reusable Notebooks FAQS

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What is reusable Magic Notebook ™ ?

Magic Notebook ™ combines  a notebook with a whiteboard to create an erasable and reusable whiteboard notebook.

Available in A4 and A5, plain and lined versions.

Write on Magic Notebook ™ with any dry marker or correctable marker, wipe clean and reuse.  Erase your work with the eraser on the dry marker or use a tissue.

What kind of pens do you use with the Magic Notebook ™ ?

You can use any dry whiteboard marker in your reusable Magic Notebook ™ - dry erase markers erase easily and leave no markers on the pages. This is great for work you may want to rub out and change.

If you want to keep your work longer , we recommend you use correctable markers .You can buy these on our webpage.

When you write using whiteboard correctable markers the ink dries in 5 seconds. If you then rub your fingers over your work it won't smudge. If you do want to erase your work you can use the eraser on the end of the pen or use a tissue.


What size is the Magic Notebook ™ ?

We do 2 sizes, A4 and A5.

A4 Magic Notebook ™ is 210mm x 297mm or 8.3 x 11.7 inches.

A5 Magic Notebook ™ is 148mm x 210mm or 5.8 x 8.3 inches.


How many pages are in each reusable Magic Notebook ™ ?

Each Magic Notebook ™ Magic Whiteboard has 60 erasable and reusable pages.

Does the ink smudge in the reusable Magic Notebook?

No, when you close the pages the ink will not smudge.

Do people with dyslexia use reusable Magic Notebooks?

Yes, people with dyslexia find the reusable Magic Notebooks very useful because you can quickly and easily make corrections to your work and you don't waste lots of paper. Reusable Magic Notebooks are ideal for mind mapping and jotting down ideas.

Do you need to use a special pen with the Reusable Magic Notebook?

You can write on your reusable Magic Notebook with any dry erase marker. It works just the same as it does on a normal whiteboard. When you close the pages of the notebook the ink will not transfer to the opposite pages (leave to dry for 10 seconds).

if you don't want to easily erase your work we recommend you use a Staedtler correctable dry erase marker. These can be purchased from our website. They last the same amount of time as a normal dry erase whiteboard marker.

A Staedtler correctable dry erase pen is included with your reusable Magic Notebook.

When you write with a Staedtler correctable dry erase pen the ink dries after 10 seconds and will not smudge. So it becomes permanent, you can erase the ink by using the eraser on end of pen, a tissue, wet wipe or a normal pencil eraser.

How do I erase my work when the eraser on end of pen runs out?

The eraser on the end of the pen is made of fabric. You can also erase your work with a tissue, wet wipe, or a pencil eraser.

You don't need a special eraser.

How do you erase ink in the reusable notebook?

You can use the eraser on the end of the pen to clean the reusable notebook, you can you a tissue, wet wipe or a normal pencil eraser.

How long will the pages last in the resable Magic Notebook?

When you clean the pages with a wet wipe or tissue the pages will erase cleanly with no smudging. They pages will last for a very long time.

What is the reusable Magic Notebook?

The reusable Magic Notebook is a combination between a whiteboard and a notebook. The pages are laminated and are erasable and reusable. Write on the surface with any dry erase marker or a Staedtler Correctable Pen. 

The correctable pens dry after 10 seconds and the ink will not smudge if you rub your hand over it. If you want to erase your work or make any changes use the rubber on end of pen, tissue or wet wipe. You can even use a normal pencil eraser.

What is thickness of paper in the reusable notebook?

We used premium quality paper 140 gms.

Will the pages smudge when I close the notebook?

If the ink is left to dry for just a few seconds then the pages will not smudge when closed together.