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Dry Erase Sheet | Whiteboard Roll | Dry Erase Film

Dry Erase Sheet | Whiteboard Roll | Dry Erase Film

Post It Dry Erase film on a roll is a quick way to create a whiteboard. This handy dry erase film is an instant versatile whiteboard solution. Transform any horizontal (table) or vertical (painted wall or glass wall) surface into a collaboration space. Ideal for open plan offices and workspaces.

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You can turn any meeting into an interactive meeting with the Post-it Super Sticky Dry Erase Whiteboard Film Roll . It is perfect for use in offices, workplaces or even schools as it can provide an instant, flexible whiteboard surface. You simply have to unroll it, peel it and then stick it on to whatever surface you need.

It has been designed to stick onto a large variety of surfaces included painted walls, glass, steel, wood, chalkboards and much more thanks to the super sticky adhesive. That makes it the perfect accessory to make collaborative work in a variety of environments including classrooms, meetings and much more.

This whiteboard film can easily be cut to a required size to create a useful, custom whiteboard to suit your requirements.

Whiteboard film sizes available

0.279 x 0.39m dry erase whiteboard film

0.609 x 0.914m dry erase whiteboard film

0.6914 x 1.219m dry erase whiteboard film

1.219 x 1.829m dry erase whiteboard film

1.219 x 2.438m dry erase whiteboard film

15.24 x 1.21mdry erase whiteboard film

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