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Have you won? School winners of 100 Reusable Magic Notebooks

Congratulations !

Here are the schools that won the A5 resuable Magic Notebook - Please check to see if your school has won :)

1. Alston Primary School - Mrs G Suemul
2. Hadleigh Community Primary School - Nicole Knock
3. King’s Sutton Primary Academy - Nikki Ward
4. Tayyibah Girls School- Ashraf Patel
5. The Pippins Nursery School - Mrs V Cull
6. The Dixie Grammar School - Paul Kirk
7. Birkenhead High School Academy - Mrs H McCarthy
8. Cairnshill Primary School - Anne Graham
9. BHASVIC - Sandra Clinton
10. Brighton & Hove Sixth Form College - Mick Macve
11. Tayyibah Girls School - Atekah Shaikh
12. Forestdale Primary School - Fiona Hall
13. Kingsbury High School - Rita Shah
14. Dunn Street Primary - Stuart Reader
15. Al Khair Primary - Almas Iqbal
16. St Catherine's - Celia Wells
17. Timbertree Academy - Vicky Billingham
18. St Augustine's CE Primary School - Razia Shah
19. Al Islah Girls High School -
20. Watercliffe Meadow School
21. Darul Uloom London
22. Alvaston Junior Community School - Fran Hurley CSBM
23. St Ethelberts Catholic Primary School - Samantha Saunders
24. Green Dragon Primary School - Jane Buck
25. Nightingale Primary School - Richard Stafford-Hill
26. Watling Lower School - Mrs Dhru Sidpara
27. St Anthony's RC Primary School - Adele Charles
28. Essendine Primary School - Rkia Benkacem
29. Tiverton high school - Simon Forder
30. Elm Grove First School - Deirdre Pearce
31. City of London School for Girls - Jane Rogers
32. Thrumpton Primary School - Mrs H Boulby​
33. The Education Centre - Julia Adams
34. Park Primary - M Evans
35. TLG Bradford - Jeanie Allen
36. The British School - Mrs Niddrie
37. Jubilee Primary School - Cheryl Peel-Rainsbury
38. St Stephen's School - Shelagh Coutts
39. Victoria Road Primary School - Debbie Mitch
40. St Bernards Primary School - Louise Chattle
41. Miller Academy Primary School - Mrs Pat Ramsay
42. St Francis CofE Primary School - Gabby Clark
43. St John Bosco Catholic Primary School - Lynn Greenwood
44. Heygreen Community Primary School - Melissa Jones
45. St Anne's RC Primary School - Carole Curley
46. Corbridge C of E First School - Jane Kevan
47. Church of England school of the Resurrection - Lynnette Windslow

We have 53 still to give away. Just send your name and school delivery address to
We will even send it for free (no cataches)

Pupils are using reusable notebooks like just a normal paper notebook (it's like a whiteboard book), with the added benefit that if you make a mistake or change your mind you can easily erase your work. This creates a more relaxing learning environment and also saves wasting paper. They are great for mind mapping. You can write on them with any dry erase marker, the ink does not smudge and they erase cleanly and pages don't get dirty or grubby.

Griffin Park Primary School Primary is Blackburn have recently ordered 210 reusable A5 reusable notebooks for all 7 clasess. Trinity High School in Manchester and Bottesford Junior School in Scunthorpe are also using the class packs of reusable notebook (only £4.16 each, this also includes the dry erase pen).


Reusable notebooks are useful for taking messages and notes, kids love writing and drawing with them, for school work, for mind mapping and generating ideas.You can use any dry whiteboard pen or correctable pen and the ink does not smudge when you close the notebook.

More Offers

Class Pack - 30 reusable A5 Notebooks and 30 dry erase pens (only £5 per notebook and pen)

School Pack - 250 reusable A5 Notebooks and 250 dry erase pens (only £3.50 per notebook and pen)


6 rolls of Magic Whiteboard for £70 (the lowest price online)

SAVE £5 Magic Blackout Nursery and Travel Blind (the quick and easy way to blackout windows)

If you have any questions please email. We can send invoices, just email us purchase order. Next Day Delivery.
or ring us on 01905 451552.

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