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The sun is shining and it's getting lighter - Dragons' Den Magic Blackout Blind stops all light

The sun is out and shining and it's getting lighter. If the sunlight is waking you up or it's too bright in the office then try Magic Blackout Blind. Magic Blackout Blind is the quick and easy way to blackout windows.

Just tear off a Magic Blackout Blind sheet and place on a window, Magic Blackout Blind stops all light even round the window edge. The sheets can be cut to size using scissors.

We are getting orders from parents who's children are waking earlier in the morning due to sun waking them up.

We are also getting orders from car dealers who want to blackout car showroom for new car launches and VIP events in March   - here are some photos of car show rooms with have been blacked out using Magic Blackout Blind

10 perforated sheets on a roll, each sheet measures 60cm wide by 80 cm high. 8 metre roll.

Order at £35.99

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