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Transform Brainstorming, Agile, Lean and workshops with Magic Whiteboard

Magic Whiteboard has the biggest range of erasble and reusable whiteboards, sticky notes and reusable notebooks to transform any brainstorming, staff workshop, Agile session, scrum meeeting and lean thinking workshop.

When it's time to gather creative ideas, organising a brainstorming session is often the answer. A meeting with your customers or colleagues is a good way of trying to generate as many new ideas as possible. Whilst there are many different types of brainstorming session, they all have the same prerequisite: to achieve the desired result.

A0 Magic Whiteboard  - use to create a massive learning and knowledge wall. 

A1 Magic Whiteboard - use to replace your flip chart and stand. Simply teear off a A1 Magic Whiteboard and create a whiteboard from a roll anywhere in seconds.

Reusable and rewritable Magic Sticky Notes  - use for capturing ideas, brainstorming, planning and organising events. 

Scrum is becoming increasingly popular as a project method for software teams or Internet agencies and the like, it is also being used more and more often in other areas such as sales, marketing and finance.

Scrum offers a solution to the frequent problem of budgets that overrun or are seriously over-budget. In short, Scrum involves project teams carrying out short ‘sprints’ during which they focus on creating a top-quality working product. The Magic Whiteboard has an important role during a Scrum project, along with the reusable and Magic Sticky Notes , whiteboard markers, erasers and board cleaners.

Every Scrum project must have a Magic Whiteboard

A Magic Whiteboard visualises the entire process during a Scrum project. With a well-organized Scrum board, you can see the workload and progress of a project at a glance with total ease. Coloured Magic Sticky Notes (green, pink, white, blue, orange and yellow) can be used in different columns to keep track of work already completed, work in progress and work still to be carried out. Of course, a Scrum board may look different from one organization to the next and every method used will be unique in its own way. 

Design your own Scrum board with Magic Whiteboard

Many Scrum teams manage to transform a Magic Whiteboard into a workable Scrum board. Some teams mark out boxes with black tape while other teams prefer to use a preprinted whiteboard which you can write on using a marker. 

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