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😷 6 Valve Face Masks (easy breathe and comfortable fit) - Valve Face Mask - Easy Breathe

Buy 2 get 3rd FREE

New Low Price. 😷 6 Pack Face Mask with Breathing Valve for easier breathing  - Comfortable Valve Face Mask - Stop 95% of particles & droplets. These KN95 valve masks are more comfortable to wear & allow you to breathe easier than a mask without a valve.

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What face mask do I need to buy? 
Next working day delivery in UK, 2/3 day delivery to USA with UPS.

Buy KN95 Face Masks. UK Stock. Next Working Day Delivery.

Use these KN95 face masks until dirty or wet. Use these face masks for going to the supermarket & chemist.

Click here - We compare the the different types of face mask & face shields.  

😷 KN95 Respiratory Face Mask. Stop 95% of particles & droplets 0.3 microns in size .

These face masks cannot be refunded or returned for personal hygiene reasons.

These face masks are KN95 grade. They face masks are designed for going to supermarket, going to pharmacy, for people who work closely with general public.

These KN95 face masks are filtering masks that are recommended when protection of the respiratory system is needed

  • *** These face masks cannot be refunded or returned for personal hygiene reasons ***
  • 6 Pack - KN95 respiratory face masks
  • PPE face mask (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Non medical use face mask
  • KN95 mask is required to stop AT LEAST 95% of particles of 0.3 microns in size.
  • 25 gsm non woven + 25 gsm meltblown fabric + 25 gsm non woven fabric
  • Protects the respiratory system
  • Easy to use
  • Soft nose foam
  • High quality non-woven fabric
  • Dispose of KN95 masks when wet or dirty
Order & Buy Quality PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) 

    The face mask code N95 is used in USA,

    KN95 is the code used in Asia,

    the FFP2 code is used in Europe including the United Kingdom.

    The products are almost exactly the same and have very similar technical specifications. They are very high quality masks.

    What do the N95, KN95 and FFP2 respiratory face masks look like?

    Respiratory Face Masks are a half-mask respirator that covers the nose and mouth when fitted properly. They have 2 elastic headbands to keep the mask in place and are white in colour.

    The KN95 face mask listed above can help protect from particles >0.3 micron. Next working day delivery. Order online.

    Respiratory face maks are easy to use and can be worn by anyone. To fit, simply hold the mask and place it over your nose and mouth. Bring both elasticated headbands over your head and adjust the position until it’s comfortable. 

    The bottom elasticated headband should sit at the nape of your neck and the top elasticated headband should sit just above the crest of your head (the widest part).

    Once the face mask is in place, you can adjust the fitting on your nose by pinching or moving the metal bridge section so that it fits closely but without being too tight.

    The masks are comfortable to wear as they are lightweight and non-bulky.

    KN95 Face Masks are recommended for use in any situation where protection of the respiratory system is required. This includes during outbreaks of SARS, Avian Flu and Coronavirus (as recommended by the WHO).

    The World Health Organisation advises that an EU standard FFP2 (or (NIOSH)-certified N95 equivalent) should be worn by healthcare workers when performing any aerosol-generating procedures.

    These Respiratory Face Masks are KN95 grade (US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)-certified N95 equivalent, FFP2 equivalent)

    Their filtration system is built into the material which allows the masks to be unvalved, lightweight and less bulky than alternatives.

    KN95 masks protect against materials in concentrations up to 12x OEL or 10x APF.

    £35.99 inc. VAT
    £35.99 ex. VAT

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