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4 rolls Magic Blackout Blind β„’πŸ˜΄πŸ’€πŸ›Œ - πŸ‘Ά Nursery blackout blind, 🧳 travel blackout blind & portable blackout blind

Best Value. Save Β£80 - Only Β£20 a roll

Magic Blackout Blind - Get more sleep  πŸ˜΄πŸ’€ πŸ›Œ

NEW Formula - More Static For Extra Strength - Guaranteed to stick to windows and not fall off

Blackout Blinds Summer SALE. BEST VALUE Magic Blackout Blind - Only £20 each 

Buy 4 rolls of Magic Blackout Blind for £80. Next Day Delivery

Magic Blackout Blind ™ - All in One - Nursery blackout blind, travel blackout blind and portable blackout blind.

100% No Light Blackout Blinds.

Stops more light than Gro Blind & Gro Anywhere Blind

2 rolls of Magic Blackout Blind ™ - Nursery & baby, travel and portable blackout blind

Magic Blackout Blind ™ - The only blackout blinds guaranteed to stop all light - even around window edges. Magic Blackout Blind ™ is quick and easy to fit, tear off a sheet and place on the window. Magic Blackout Blind sheets are reusable (they last for months) and can be cut to size to fit any windows.

Watch Magic Blackout Blind ™ being tested and reviewed on TV -

VOTED best blackout blind that stops all light


  • 4 rolls of Magic Blackout Blind ™ - 40 A1 perforated sheets (60cm by 80cm) - 32 metres
  • Best nursery & baby, travel and portable blackout blinds
  • Easier to fit than Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind, no suckers and fits exact size of window.
  • Sheets can be overlapped to cover larger windows
  • 32 metres by 60cm
  • Clings using static to inside windows - leaves no marks
  • Stops all light - even round window edges
  • Quick and easy to fit, tear off sheets and place on window
  • Reusable blackout blinds (usually lasts more than 12 weeks if used daily)
  • No tools required
  • Cut to size with scissors if required
  • Portable & lightweight bedroom blackout blind - ideal for travelling with children
  • Use with or without curtains to darken any room

Magic Blackout Blind is a kids and children's blackout blind. Magic Blackout Blinds stops ™ all light even round the window edge to darken bedrooms. Voted best blackout for windows. 


Magic Blackout blind ™ can be safely applied to normal single glazed or double glazed windows, the type you would find in a house or office.

DO NOT APPLY Magic Blackout Blind ™ to laminated glass, windows that are strengthened with wire, textured or patterned glass, triple plane glass, Velux windows or similar roof lights. These windows have been specifically constructed and require their own blinds or window covering.       

See frequently asked questions for more information and Safety Information on home page.

£80.00 inc. VAT
£66.67 ex. VAT

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