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😷 Face Shield - Teacher, Pub, Restaurant, Hairdresser, Barber & Dog Groomer Shield - Reusable & Wipeable - Eyes, Nose & Mouth Face Shield

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What face protection do I need?

Click here - We compare the the different types of face mask & face shields.

IN STOCK NOW, these Face Shields will protect your face from liquid droplets & splashes (Certified Grade 3). These protective face shields are designed for going to work, wearing at work  for key workers, pharmacy workers, teachers, nursery teachers, dog groomers, pupils, bus drivers, tube workers  & anyone who works closely with the general public. Stop Virus PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) face shields stop wet droplets, sneezes and coughs going in your eyes, nose and mouth.

These face shields are very light and can be worn for up to 8 hours. Other face shields are too heavy to wear all day.

*** These face masks cannot be refunded or returned for personal hygiene reasons ***

This Stop Virus Face Mask Shield is Grade 3 certified, meaning it can withstand all liquid droplets and splashes – For more information visit

These Stop Virus Face Mask Shields are Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The ultra light Stop Virus Face Mask Shields provides you with the first layer of protection against respiratory droplets, sneezes and airborne particles. The  Stop Virus Face Shields stop wet droplets going into your mouth, eyes and nose.

  • *** These face shields cannot be refunded or returned for personal hygiene reasons *** 
  • Strong PET material - Reusable & Wipeable face shield
  • Approved by Infection Control at NHS Trusts
  • Work face shield - ideal for Key workers, teachers, nursery staff, social workers, care workers, nursing homes, pharmacy staff, bus drivers, tube workers, schools & teachers, anyone who works closely with the general public.
  • Thickness 0.12mm
  • Durable, lightweight material, wear all day for 8 hours. Very Light
  • Anti glare
  • Adjustable to fit any size head
  • Wipe to clean surface - clean with anti bacterial spray
  • Optical Class: 1

This is a general use face covering for day to day activities. It's not a medical device or personal protective equipment.

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