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♻️ A5 Reusable Magic Whiteboard Notebook ™ & correctable pen - 40 pages


Back in stock. Magic Whiteboard Notebook ™ combines a notebook with a whiteboard to create an erasable and reusable whiteboard notebook.  Reusable Magic Whiteboard Notebook Patent Granted.

INCLUDES a black Magic Notebook correctable dry erase whiteboard pen.

  • Super smooth wipeable paper 140 GSM
  • Plain and perforated - tears out to A5 size
  • Alternative to Show Me Board and laptop whiteboards
  • 40 erasable and reusable pages
  • Use any dry marker or correctable whiteboard marker
  • No smudging when you close the reusable notebook
  • Easy to wipe clean with a tissue, magic wipe or pencil eraser
  • Sheets are printable in laser printers
  • Reusable whiteboard notebooks are an alternative to mini whiteboards and Show Me Boards

    More pages and costs less than Show Me Boards

  • Single Use Plastic Free Product

INCLUDES a black correctable dry erase pen and dry erase pen.

A5 plain version, 40 perforated reusable pages.

The pages in the reusable Magic Whiteboard notebook don't smudge when you close the notebook.

When you use a correctable dry erase pen the ink dries after 10 seconds and will not smudge. If you want to make any changes or corrections to your work use the eraser on end of pen to erase your work. Watch the 1 minute video to see how this works.

You can easily tear out the perforated pages.

Reusable notebooks are great for writing notes, mindmapping, taking phone messages, generating ideas, playing games, doodling, for writing at school and for doing homework and 1 to 1 coaching sessions. It is a handy and portable school notebook.  Reusable whiteboard notebooks are an alternative to mini whiteboards and Show Me Boards.

Reusable Magic Whiteboard Notebook ™ saves paper and saves you money.

Write on Magic Whiteboard Notebook ™ with any dry erase marker or correctable marker, wipe clean and reuse.  Dry erase markers erase cleanly and leave no smudging or smears.

Erase your work with the eraser on the dry marker or use a Magic Wipe.

You can easily tear out the perforated pages and print to the A5 Magic Whiteboard Notebook ™ sheets using a laser printer. You can create your own reusable calandars, reusable weekly planners and reusable to do lists.

£7.99 inc. VAT
£6.66 ex. VAT

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