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😷 Biotol Hygienic Hand Cleaning Gel with Moisturisers - 100 ml - Kills 99.9% of viruses


😷 Biotol Hygienic Hand Cleaning Gel with Moisturisers - 100 ml


  • Alcohol percentage 60%
  • EU approved
  • Kills 99.9% of all bacteria, germs & viruses

Hand gel from Biotol is an effective hand sanitiser and an effective remedy for killing bacteria, fungi and viruses. Hand Disinfection Gel is for use after hand washing.

Hand disinfection in gel form is a very skin-friendly hand spray and does not dry out the skin.

WHO recommends frequent hand washing to reduce the risk of influenza virus infection. Hand disinfection can replace hand washing when there is no visible contamination of the hands. Handshakes, door handles, locks, the flushing button on the toilet as well as the faucet are some of the big contaminants. Hand disinfection is quicker than hand washing, and it is convenient to have a handgun standing at your desk, counter or at home, so it is always possible to disinfect your hands.


Warning! The liquid and vapor from this product are flammable. Avoid eye contact. Causes serious eye irritation.


£3.49 inc. VAT
£2.91 ex. VAT

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