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Knock Knock Hand-Lettered Sticky Notes - Please

#1 Best seller

Knock Knock Hand-Lettered Sticky Notes - Please 

Nothing gets attention (and laughs) like brutal honesty. This hand-lettered sticky note turns any boring request into a charming mini-event. Asking nicely was never so enjoyable.

  • Functional and funny sticky notes for the workplace
  • Fall in love with the wit and functionality of Knock Knock's iconic sticky note with hand-lettered art
  • Each pad has 100 sheets with repositionable adhesive
  • Each sheet is a virtual powerhouse of communication potential
  • Boxes to check include when you want it done
  • Add personality to functionality at home or the office
  • 7.6 cm by 7.6cm 
  • 100 sheets
£2.49 inc. VAT
£2.08 ex. VAT

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