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A1 Magic Erasable Clearboard ™ - 25 sheet roll

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SALE. Save £5.

The original and best Magic Clearboard is the new clear & transparent version of Magic Whiteboard. Magic Clearboard ™ works is exactly the same way as Magic Whiteboard ™. Magic Clearboard ™ is highly erasable, reusable and sticks to any hard flat surface. Ideal for sticking to windows (write on it and you can see through the window), walls, doors, glass walls, interactive whiteboards. Watch video clip

  • 25 CLEAR Magic Clearboard  A1 sheets (60cm by 80cm)
  • Clings using static to any hard flat surface (painted walls, wallpaper, windows and doors)
  • Overlay documents & maps with Magic Clearboard - annotate your work
  • Write on Magic Clearboard with any dry marker
  • Highly erasable and reusable
  • Leaves no marks on surfaces - no bluetack or tape marks
  • Paper clings to Magic Clearboard
  • Clings to working walls in schools
  • Environmentally friendly - recyclable
  • Easy to carry portable roll 0.8kg

We don't make Magic Clearboard for anyone else. Only buy the original and best Magic Whiteboard (guaranteed quality, best customer service and low prices).

Ideal for copying and tracing drawings and writing. Paper and photos also stick to Magic Clearboard without tape, tack or glue.  Use any dry whiteboard marker.

£29.99 inc. VAT
£24.99 ex. VAT

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